Tonkawa Council of Elders
Respect Native American Traditions
The Tonkawa Council of Elders was founded in 1974 by a consortium of American Indian individuals, many of whom were tribal seniors. At that time, they were employed by the San Diego Indian Center located downtown, on Fifth and Cedar. This organization and services no longer exist. Tonkawa Council of Elders is the traditional rock of Native American wisdom for the new millinium.
Our Purpose:
The purpose of the Tonkawa Council of Elders Development Project is to improve the quality of life for American Indian Elders. Our major focus is community development.
Our goal is to provide the resources to assist all American Indian elders in a respectful, traditional manner.
To improve the quality of life for American Indian Elders we will inform and facilitate their access to services that will maintain them in their homes, as respected members of their communities and as keepers of our tribal custom and traditions.

Meeting Dates
Kumeyaay Selected as Senior Leader

Honoring Our Elders Pow wow 2001 - Jane Dumas
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TONKAWA San Diego Elders Club


March 11, 2012-Noon

This month is a time change - leap year turn out of some of our faithful TONKAWA membership. We were pleased to see old friends in the Indian community but new to our regular meetings. Many visitors are seen at our annual dinners but not as frequently at the monthly gatherings. Regardless, it is all good and we are very pleased to break pizza and lasagna. With dates and mint tea sweetened with honey we were able to catch up on recent activities in the San Diego and far-flung tourist adventures. Manuel and Celia Flores are on another cruise. Holey, moley Ben Nance brought in the sugar free donuts. Gwendalle Cooper’s pizza was anticipated and well received. We will be there next Saturday for the San Diego state University pow wow at the SDSU Alumni Center 11am ro 5pm or so. Gwen is the honoree.

We ate up, cleaned up and chatted up our next month (April TONKAWA on Easter Sunday until further notice!) activities in addition to the Harvest dinner’s activities. We were still discussing or cussing options as we scooted out the door. Thank you for being there today. Mehan.

Roy Cook: TONKAWA secretary