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TONKAWA San Diego Elders Club

March 9, 2008 TONKAWA minutes:

We enjoyed the beautiful day in spite of recent illness that has slowed our elected and most faithful members. Tonkawa gathered in good spirits along with visitors this past Sunday. Some of the other members were busy with friends and relatives and others, no doubt, took advantage of the summer warmth of the day. Celia Flores provided the blessing and wanted to marry off almost all who were in attendance, especially Paul Razo.

L-R: Helen Halling, Manuel & Celia Flores, Mary Ojos, VernaAntonio, Nellie Ruiz, Carla Tourville and Paul Razo. In attendance but not seen are Jean Vigenault, Genevive Bordeaux, and Roy Cook.

ANNOUNCMENTS: The Monday night social Pow wow at the Wellness Conference at the Town and country- March 16-20 and American Indian culture days in Balboa Park- May 10-11 were announced. Call San Diego Indian Education for more information 1-858-627-7362. There were also numerous Indian Health center activities mentioned but no one could recall specific details. Manual and Celia Flores announced their regular participation at the Mission de Alcala Fiesta on July 11-13. They also said they will not be at the next meeting because they would be on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera for their 63rd wedding anniversary!

The TONKAWA President Violet Tunohun was one who was on the sick list. She was in the hospital and Nellie circulated a get-well card for all TONKAWA members to sign for her speedy recovery.

Our faithful TONKAWA members keep the cooking pots bubbling and the happy smiles ready. The weather and dishes are in a picnic flavor. Hotdogs on a bun, fried chicken, wieners and beans, spaghetti and meat sauce, macaroni and vegetable casserole, cold slaw, chocolate cookies, candy bars and ice cream made for a very festive luncheon. This is a real nice down home meeting to attend.

Mary Ojos adjourned the meeting at 1:20 pm and, finally, Nellie Ruiz will call and remind all that our next TONKAWA meeting is at noon April 13, 2008, at the Many Nations: Chet Hunt Community room, 3928 Illinois St. San Diego, CA. 92104.

Our next TONKAWA meeting is at noon March 9, 2008, at the Many Nations: Chet Hunt Community room, 3928 Illinois St. San Diego, CA. 92104.