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TONKAWA: June Monthly Meeting

Jerry Starns arrived early to help setup the room for the meeting. He brought in some barbequed chicken. Then we set up the tables and chairs for the Meeting. We had a good chance to chat up health and base exchange doings while I put the coffee on to brew. Esther Abrahano, President chaired the meeting and Laura Workman led the blessing.

Announcements and future activities were shared with the members. Rose Davis is still working on the summer issue of INDIAN VOICES. She asked many to contribute a thought or two regarding the recent loss of our dear member, Helen Razo. Many members continue to pray and wish the best for the family in this time of loss.

The day was overcast and drizzly but it was warm and loving in the Chet Hunt community room that Sunday morning. The TONKAWA proceedings and past newsletters are available 24 hours and seven days a week on the World Wide Web, TONKAWA associate member Jean Vigneault is continuing to mail the TONKAWA Club newsletter to the membership. Don Vigneault called up the members for the gift exchange. Past President Laura Workman said they used to draw names and each would go up and pick their gift from the choices available.

Finally, we bagged, bundled and cleaned up the Chester Hunt meeting room at the Many Nations Recovery Center to finish up another fun, fabulous, TONKAWA Club time with the most beautiful people in the world, Indian people. Mehan.

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