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TONKAWA Talking Leaf notes: January 11. 2004

We had our best TONKAWA turnout ever! Jerry Starns was waiting to open the Many Nations Recovery Chet Hunt Community meeting room. We set up the tables and chairs in a different configuration and Roy Cook started the coffee for the January Meeting of the Tonkawa Seniors Club. Nellie Ruiz came in with smiles and news about activities over the holidays. We started snacking on chips and avocado dip.

Rose Davis, Editor and publisher, distributed the latest issue of the Interstate newspaper, Indian Voices. Pick one up at your Indian clinic or community Indian organizations or subscribe. There are many thought provoking articles and pictures of recent past events in our Tribal community.

Wanda Cook agreed to lead the group in asking the Creator for a blessing. This formally started the TONKAWA meeting. Members and guests continued to arrive with side dishes and gifts for the exchange later in the meeting. Jerry had warmer fires under many of his meat dishes and as the aroma filled the room there is a general consensus to start eating. More TONKAWA members kept arriving as the group lined up to enjoy the bountiful potluck lunch. Baked Chicken with Apricot glaze fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad with fresh fruit and exotic side dishes, all yummy. Naturally there is cake and ice cream for the birthday recognition. Many past TONKAWA members and speakers attended. There were over thirty people in attendance.

Our TONKAWA Vice president, Jane Dumas, addressed the group. She spoke from the heart. She has been to visit many community members in the hospital and attended funerals of close acquaintances. In spite of these life experiences she is still encouraged by the good attendance and members of the TONKAWA club community events participation.

TONKAWA Vice President Vicky Gambala distributed fliers for the Grossmont College February 28 Pow Wow. She was also collecting the TONKAWA annual dues. She announced that Don Vigneualt’s Serenity Shop has donated craft supplies to the Indian Education program. Further, she outlined the activities for the remainder of the year. She introduced Mara Peters, IHRC board member, who will be organizing the spring Title VII Indian Education and IHRC Culture days Pow wow in Balboa park.

Once again, it is very nice to see past TONKAWA members and visitors show up to this first meeting of the year: Paul Razo, Mary Jenkins, Mara Peters, Darlene Hyde, Eleanor Robbins, Wanda Cook, ‘Vicki’ Robinson, Mike Lochner.
Maybe we will see you and a friend at the next meeting of the TONKAWA Elders: February 8, 2004.


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