TONKAWA Talking Leaf notes: Meeting October 10, 2004

This warm, sunny day is San Diego beautiful. Good fellowship is all around us as the members enter the room greet and form into conversation groups and arrange the buffet counter for the feast. It was nice to see Nellie Ruiz again. TONKAWA President, Esther Abrahano chaired the meeting. She opened the meeting at 12:10 with a prayer in Choctaw and English.

Excellent Indian summer healthy food brings smiles to the TONKAWA membership. Jerry Starns, our resident chef, prepared chili with beans and fresh cornbread! Potluck choices of beans, stew, fried chicken, Fresh steamed rice and a wide variety of salads and spicy dressing. Loads of fresh fruit and big juicy grapes for summer diets.


Our busy TONKAWA treasurer Vicky Gambala was in attendance and contributed reports and updates on many of the recent events past and announcements of upcoming events. Don Vingeualt, Santa Ysabel Ipai, and Jerry Starns, Menominee participated in discussions and the congeniality of the afternoon. Jerry reviews the photos taken by Ben Nance in the previous meeting minutes. Roy Cook, TONKAWA Secretary reported on the Native American Warriors displays progress and special invitation to the reception November 6 at the Veterans Museum in Balboa Park.

Announcements of the Nov.20 and Dec. 18 community dinners at the Adams and 35th St. Methodist church were brought to the TONKAWA members' attention.  
October birthdays were sung into celebration and Don Vingeault announced the gift exchange. Additionally Eileen George Rn, Choctaw and her husband Arnold, Dine’ graciously gave out beautifully sewn examples of Choctaw and Pow wow ribbon shirts. They demonstrated our traditional customs of generosity and hospitality. All members and visitors left with smiles and memories of a great meeting and some with a nice gift and snack for later too!



Maybe we will see you and a friend at the next meeting of the TONKAWA Elders: November 14, 2004. Our TONKAWA meetings are in the Many Nations: Chet Hunt Community room, 3928 Illinois St. San Diego, California.