TONKAWA Talking Leaf notes: Meeting of December 12, 2004

Jerry Starns and Roy Cook arrange the buffet counter for the TONKAWA luncheon meeting. Roy brought in a boom box with Xmas songs sung in Navaho. It is a gift for the Indian Education project and most likely the tape will be played at the Holiday dinner on the 18th of December. There are many overlapping events this month and sadly many of our local reservation families have been touched by deaths.
Excellent Indian summer healthy food brings smiles to the TONKAWA membership. There are some most tasty traditional side dishes: Creamed corn, cooked squash and tomatoes. Jerry Starns, our resident chef, prepared naked deviled eggs and friendly meat loaf with a nice touch of garlic! There can never be too much of a good ingredient. There is also lots of crunchy, tasty bread and smooth spreading butter.

This clear, crisp, sunny day is San Diego beautiful. Good fellowship is all around us as the members enter the room greet and form into conversation groups. Jean Vigneault's Mother, Genevieve Bordeaux, joined the very select category and celebrated her 90th birthday with the TONKAWA membership. Mary Oyos spontaneously led the group in the birthday song. Great fun, traditional tribal teasing and good fellowship makes this one of the most satisfying events of the month.

Announcements of the: Native American Dec. 18 American Indian community dinner at the Adams Ave. and 35th St. (One block west.) Methodist church were brought to the TONKAWA members' attention.

The celebration continued with pecan pie. This is the season for gift exchange. The Vigneualts brought in many colorful tree ornaments and picture frames for all to enjoy and take home. At the last Indian Education culture meeting the Indian children and parents created necklaces and gifts for the TONKWA members. They were on display for enjoyment all during the meeting then they were given out as gifts. All members and visitors left with thoughtful opinions, appreciation of the assistance provided by the Viejas Community relation board, big smiles and memories of a different meeting and some with a nice gift and snack for later too!

Maybe we will see you and a friend at the next meeting of the TONKAWA Elders.
Our TONKAWA meetings are in the Many Nations: Chet Hunt Community Room, 3928 Illinois St. San Diego, California.