TONKAWA Talking Leaf Notes

TONKAWA San Diego Elders Club

Meeting of July 8, 2007

Jerry Starnes produced and organized the bill of fare. Rita, Roy and Nellie were early to help set-up, chat and drink up the Iced tea. Overcast skies are an unpredictable San Diego surprise at noon this Sunday. Spotty attendance is not unusual in the midst of summer and the seasonal vacations, graduations and visits to and from those back home.

The TONKAWA members and friends enjoyed the social opportunity to visit with American Indian Elders and feast on Summer picnic fare: Cold cuts, cheese, white and sourdough bread, onions, tomatoes pickles, green and black olives. Also, for the adventurous, jalapenos and all sorts of condiments, homemade potato salad, pork and beans, chips and dips, Big juicy cherries, cookies, pudding cups and sinful Ice cream- Bear claw and Ooma Mocha Latte lite.

Happy July Birthdays to all. We waddled out the door this afternoon.

It is very good to see some of the members return to our regular meeting schedule. Rose Davis’ daughter, Serena, had a baby and all are goo goo about that! All TONKAWA members and visitors left with thoughtful opinions on last summer activities, big smiles and memories of a different meeting and some with a nice snack for later too!