TONKAWA San Diego Elders Club

April 10, 2011 TONKAWA minutes:

TONKAWA Vice-President, Jerry Starnes arrived early. Roy Cook was also on time and we sat there fat, dumb and happy until we heard some banging and shouting from outside. It so happened that another group was also having a Sunday meeting and when they left, the door was locked! The Tonkawa group gathered inside in gigantic good spirit. Jerry Starnes provided the blessing for the TONKAWA members and visitors this past Sunday.

Some of the other members that didn’t attend, no doubt, took advantage of the bright Indian summer warmth of the day.

Our faithful TONKAWA members keep the cooking pots bubbling and the happy smiles ready. The dishes are passionately delicious. These food selections are made with lots of love and care for a bountiful luncheon: with good strong hot TONKAWA coffee made for a fine gathering!

Maybe we will see you and a friend (We are always recruiting Elders to be TONKWA members!). It is always nice to see new members and guests drop in and are encouraged to return. This is a real nice down home meeting to attend. We are also very pleased to enjoy the regular attendance of TONKAWA along with community guests and family member.

Our next TONKAWA meeting is at noon May 8, 2011 at the IHRC offices, 4265 Fairmont Ave. San Diego 92105. There is plenty of good parking with easy access. We cleaned up the room. It was a good time to come together for our Elders TONKAWA meeting.

Respectfully submitted: TOKAWA Secretary Roy Cook