Tonkawa Council of Elders
Respect Native American Traditions
The Tonkawa Council of Elders was founded in 1974 by a consortium of American Indian individuals, many of whom were tribal seniors. At that time, they were employed by the San Diego Indian Center located downtown, on Fifth and Cedar. This organization and services no longer exist. Tonkawa Council of Elders is the traditional rock of Native American wisdom for the new millinium.
Our Purpose:
The purpose of the Tonkawa Council of Elders Development Project is to improve the quality of life for American Indian Elders. Our major focus is community development.
Our goal is to provide the resources to assist all American Indian elders in a respectful, traditional manner.
To improve the quality of life for American Indian Elders we will inform and facilitate their access to services that will maintain them in their homes, as respected members of their communities and as keepers of our tribal custom and traditions.

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TONKAWA San Diego Elders Club

June 12, 2011 TONKAWA minutes:

TONKAWA Vice-President, Jerry Starnes arrived early. Roy Cook was also on time and was soon joined by Ben Nance with the donuts. That was sure to set sweetness to the TONKAWA gathering. Added to this was the attendance of our greeter, Nellie Ruiz and ‘El’ Bissara. ‘El’ and Dennis were up by Barona gathering fresh sage for the members. The entire Tonkawa group gathered inside in gigantic good spirit. Roy Cook provided the blessing for the TONKAWA members and visitors this past Sunday.

Some of the other members that didn’t attend, no doubt, took advantage of the bright summer warmth of the day to attend the Del Mar fair or some other personal business.

Discussion topics:

1. Native American GSO funding conference at Viejas will be presented by Don and Sylvia Weber.

2. TONKAWA Dinner this summer: August 14, 2011 at the Home Town Buffet on University Ave.

Our faithful TONKAWA members keep the cooking pots bubbling and the happy smiles ready. Chicken posole, fruit and macaroni salad with brown bread and butter was in the category, comfort food. The dishes are passionately delicious. Friendship bread baked by Nellie and the donuts were a fine top off to the meal. These food selections are made, with lots of love and care, for a bountiful luncheon and with good strong hot TONKAWA coffee made for a fine gathering!

Maybe we will see you and a friend (We are always recruiting Elders to be TONKAWA members!). It is always nice to see new members and guests drop in and are encouraged to return. This is a real nice down home meeting to attend. We are also very pleased to enjoy the regular attendance of TONKAWA along with community guests and family member.

Our next TONKAWA meeting is at noon July 10, 2011 at the IHRC offices, 4265 Fairmont Ave. San Diego 92105. There is plenty of good parking with easy access. Jerry adjourned the TONKAWA meeting at 1pm and we cleaned up the room. It was a good time to be there, together for our Elders TONKAWA meeting.

Respectfully submitted: TONKAWA Secretary Roy Cook

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