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TONKAWA San Diego Elders Club

December 13, 2009 TONKAWA minutes:

What a bright warm Sunday. The day smells so fresh and rinsed off. We had a representative number of members and guests in attendance this Sunday. Early arrivals this Sunday December 13, 2009 are TONKAWA Vice President Jerry Starnes and Roy Cook. Followed closely by Manuel and Celia Flores. Nellie Ruiz and El Bissara enter smiling. Nellie has a Holiday card for all attending this meeting.

We had some shocking surprises while setting up the room. The wet, damp weather brought stiffness to joints and affected balance too. Bouncing back to the set up, we could not find serving utensils and serving tableware items. Barbara kept opening drawers long after we had all sat down and resigned ourselves to eating with a spoon and a bowl. She found the entire missing item misplaced from the shelves into a drawer. We are low on large plated and coffee cups.

Vehicle parking continues to be a very sore point. Celia Flores told of a recent experience talking her out of a ticket. Others also contributed amusing stories of their being caught or slipping away. Oh yes, Celia said that she turned left across the double lines and got the flashing lights right away. But since she had Manuel in the passenger seat, in a Santa suit, the officer let her and Santa go free to deliver the gifts.

Roy Cook provided the luncheon blessing at 12:10. There is warm fellowship, years and years of living and wisdom close at hand. Lively conversation continues to bubble across the tables.

More members would have nicer to share company with this sunny Sunday. It feels so good to be alive and in the company of our respected American Indian TONKAWA Elders. The attending members and the tables looked fine and we sat down to an undefined potluck feast and donuts with good TONKAWA hot coffee. Jerry Starnes brought Sassafras tea to the members to enjoy.

Indian Voices publisher Rose Davis, TONKAWA member, brought in the latest copy of the newspaper hot off the press! Gwen Cooper enjoyed the good stories and great pictures of recent events.

We cleaned up, packed up and while some TONKAWA members were still packing ‘take-home snacks’, drinking coffee, talking and laughing, others went out the door by 1:45 pm.

It is always nice to see new members and guests drop in and are encouraged to return. This is a very nice down home meeting to attend. We are also very pleased to enjoy the regular attendance of TONKAWA along with community guests and family members. The next TONKAWA meeting is January 10, 2010.

Remember to look 24/7 to the TONKAWA-American Indian Source site for the calendar of upcoming events. Click on the link below now.

Respectfully submitted:
Roy Cook, TONKAWA secretary

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