TONKAWA Talking Leaf notes: Meeting of February 13, 2005

Peek a boo sun and who will walk thru the door next. We had cancelled the previous months meet for inclement weather and it did take a while for the sun to shine on the monthly meeting of the TONKAWA Seniors club. Jerry Starns brought in bright red tablecloths. They are festive reminders of the Valentine Day theme. Roy Cook made the coffee and drank too much of it. Hot food and lots of it is always a strong feature of this potluck Sunday!

Excellent winter comfort healthy food, chicken Alfredo steaming crock-pot hot. Mushroom meatball in tomatoes sauce spaghetti brings smiles to the TONKAWA membership. There are some most tasty traditional side dishes: sliced potatoes salad, pink and meat beans, casserole rice both Spanish and mystery. Good fellowship is all around us as the members enter the room greet and form into conversation groups. Of special Happy Birthday note: Ben Nance, El Bissera, Helen Hallings, Vicky Gambala (January) and Tiffany Workman- not there but not forgotten- were sung Happy Birthday by the TONKAWA membership. The celebration continued with cakes, candy and cookies brought in by TONKAWA President Esther Abrahano

Great fun, traditional tribal teasing and good fellowship makes this one of the most satisfying events of the month.

Announcements of the: Native American events and conferences are brought to the TONKAWA members’ attention. Ideas as to crafts and activities were introduced. There are many overlapping events this month and sadly many of our local reservation families have been touched by the final sadness with a loss of a loved one.

All members and visitors left with thoughtful opinions, big smiles and memories of a different meeting and some with a nice gift and snack for later too!

Maybe we will see you and a friend at the next meeting of the TONKAWA Elders: March 13, 2005. Our TONKAWA meetings are in the Many Nations: Chet Hunt Community room, 3928 Illinois St. San Diego, CA.