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TONKAWA San Diego Elders Club

June 14, 2009 TONKAWA minutes:

Early Bird special at the regular 2nd Sunday TONKAWA meeting date and time are TONKAWA Vice President and members: Jerry Starnes. Manuel and Cecilia Flores. By 11:45 there, are more TONKAWA members socializing and drinking good hot fresh TONKAWA coffee.

Meeting called to order by TONKAWA President Violet Tunohun at noon. We had a respectable number of members and guests in attendance this Sunday. She called on long time member Helen Halling to provide the prayer.

Nellie Ruiz ground two pounds of coffee beans to add to our larders She also brought in word on Esther Abrahano and Jane Dumas. There was quite a bit of reminiscing about past TONKAWA members and meeting locations.

Great fare for a fine table of Elders and friends. Our terrific TONKAWA members continue to keep happy smiles and real good eats in this potluck meal: Tamales, hominy soup with a kick, mashed potatoes, peas and corn, corn bread, thick sliced whole grain bread with butter, tossed salad with sprinkles of Japanese crunches and apple pie to smooth out the strong TONKAWA coffee. Did I mention that there is plenty of Good Hot TONKAWA coffee? Maybe this was the spark for the hot conversation?

Tonkawa New business:

1. Violet announced that we would continue to have the TONKAWA meetings on the regular schedule, the second Sunday of the month. Next meeting: noon, July 12, 2009.

2. TONKAWA will host members and guests luncheon at the University Ave Home Town Buffet on Thursday in August.

We cleaned up and some TONKAWA members were still drinking coffee, talking and laughing as they went out the door by 1:45 pm.

Remember to 24/7 look to the TONKAWA-American Indian Source site for the calendar of upcoming events. Click on the link below now.

Maybe we will see you and a friend (We are always recruiting Elders to be TONKWA members!). It is always nice to see new members and guests drop in and are encouraged to return. This is a very nice down home meeting to attend. We are also very pleased to enjoy the regular attendance of TONKAWA along with community guests and family members.

Respectfully submitted:

Roy Cook, TONKAWA secretary

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