Women and Men's Wellness Conference Cultural Exchange Night 2004
By Roy Cook

Cultural Exchange Night San Diego room, Monday night April 5 at 7:30 pm - hosted by the local tribes of California is an enriching look at the many native cultures brought together for the Women and Men's Wellness Conference in the Town and Country Resort gathering. Jane Dumas, Jamul Kumeyaay and Vicky Gambala, Cherokee are on the committee and have directly invited: Sam Brown, Tipai Kumeyaay, Roy Robinson, Tipai Kumeyaay, Roy Cook, Opata Osage, Ben Nance and Louie Guassic, Ipai Kumeyaay. Our first Tukuk song teacher, Paul ‘Junior’ Cuero, Campo Tipai Kumeyaay is the song leader. There will be other groups sharing cultures in this two-hour time frame. In addition to the group of young Pomo dancers representing Northern California and we will be representing the South.

This Cultural exchange is only the opening of the evenings events. Following were: Oklahoma Creek singer, Veterans roll call with an honoring Mother Earth song, Dennis Alley’s daughter presented a very moving interpretation of a popular song, Pomo singers, Seneca ladies invited all to join in on a sidestep dance, Hawaian Hula instruction and presentation, Grass dancer poet scattered words as stones skip sliding across a sea of tribal emotions. In this shimmering wake are ripples reflecting memories in many attending Rez dogs. Just like coyote they sit there looking on.

Marvelously skillful hoop dance presentation by Kevin Locke with singing by four young men from Ashinabe Reserve in Manitoba. Finally the evening was brought to a fine finish with a wonderful traditional performance by a large group of women and male Pomo dancers in regalia. To them, and all who shared the richness of our Tribal cultures, as the singers said, we give a big appreciative, Ooooh!

We thank the committee for all their hard work and the invitation to be a small part of this event. Thank you, Aho, Mehan.

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Roy Cook: writer, curator, Opata/Osage-Mazopioye Wichasha