Warner’s Spring Indian Club Pow wow
By Roy Cook

The Warner’s Indian Club pow wow committee acknowledged their appreciation of the American Indian Warriors Association. AIWA members accepted the responsibility to be the color guard for this pow wow. This is the second annual celebration held in the traditional territory of the Cupa. This beautiful valley is rich in many of the very significant events at the beginning of this latest political (USA) experience. Many of the laws and policies regarding tribal people can reference the origins of those policies in events that happened in this very valley.


Crooked Hat Singers from the Oxnard / Ventura area and the San Diego Volcan Mountain Drum gathered together this bright, clear, warm, just perfect morning. Our drum is at 3000 feet but our hearts soared with the hawks.




Veterans Gourd Dance songs always lift our spirit; it is just something in the song. Dancers and singers are mostly composed of Military veterans, many with rows of ribbons on their chest, from various campaigns in the defense of American democracy and freedom from tyranny.


The AIWA members called for an honoring song for all the military in harms way in the Middle East and around the world.
This dance is a prayer. These warriors, dancing in place, echo a time before. They are bound to the spot on this land where they dance. They are staked to this place, this time, and any time there is a threat to our tribal peoples or tribal land. These warriors with their red and blue blankets and vests pledge their honor to defend the people. They will hold their ground until the end or they are released from their pledge to be the last line of defense for all the people.

Paul ‘Jr” Cuero and the Campo Bird Singers bring in the local songs of the Ipai/Tipai people and
Dancing Cloud Singers were the host drum for the pow wow this afternoon.

We all appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this North County Intertribal celebration of life. All my relations. Mehan.
Roy Cook: writer, public relations, speaker
Opata/Osage-Mazopioye Wichasha

WebMaster and Photos: Ben Nance