This Wednesday the Red Warriors, lead by Tim Redbird and the Volcan Mountains singers gathered together at the Many Nations Chester Hunt Community Room.
The Many Nations Recovery Center, 3829 Illinois Street - San Diego, is graciously providing the facilities for regular Intertribal singing practice. Upstairs residents offered their support and said they enjoyed the beautiful songs. In keeping with the current military concerns, Tim Redbird sang: Kiowa Victory, Warrior Gourd dance and Veterans songs. Of particular note was the emotional Kiowa version of the Desert Storm Victory song.

Until further notice the groups will continue to meet at the Many Nations Chester Hunt Community Room each Wednesday at 5:30 pm and sing until 8:30pm. We recognize that the American Indian Warriors Association (AIWA) meets on the first Wednesday and that is OK. We do not want to wear out our welcome!
We hope to encourage the spirit and practice of International and Intertribal understanding. Canada, Alaska, Lower 48 and Middle America are Indian Land with thousands of Indian people. If we come to the drum with a good heart and true humility our path will be as it has traditionally always been at the drum, wonderful. This understanding, fellowship and intertribal appreciation is an added benefit of coming to the drum.
We further hope to encourage the singing of the local Tipai and Yuman song tradition. Not only out of basic respect for the Kumeyaay territory but also because we enjoy learning and singing these songs as often as we can. In attendance and encouragement this evening is Master Wildcat singer Jon Meza Cuero: Tipai.

We welcome participation and if you just want to visit and listen, well, thatís your choice. However, we are not teaching classes in Indian Songs or attempting to entertain anyone per say. That understood, observe and listen and of course- enjoy the songs.

Finally, It is with great appreciation that we thank Ted McCauley and Lisa Powless for their encouragement and the cooperation of the Many Nations in Recovery. Mehan, Ah ho, thank you.