Tecolote Park, 2009

By Roy Cook

Rapt attention of the audience this Saturday, Oct. 11,2009, as they enjoy performances by local storyteller and mime, Abel Silvas and Nyemii Wildcat Singers, Jon Meza Cuero & the Aukas.

Many enjoyed the various free activities including pottery, basketry, sand painting and shared in the Native American culture by watching Live Basket Weaving demonstrations and Tribal Song Presentations by Native Kumeyaay people. Richard Bugbee and Martha Rodriguez are in the Tecolote outdoor park display area. They stopped by the Nature Center to enjoy the native plant garden, the Kumeyaay Indian Village and see live raptors, snakes, and other displays about Tecolote Canyon.

It is always a brighter day when we are in the company of our honored Elders. Jane Dumas was instrumental in the 2003 braking ground ceremony and the re-dedication of Tecolote Park. She is here today and many who know and love her take the time to talk and give her small gifts in appreciation. John Meza Cuero again took the time to speak in the local Tipai dialect. They are both native speakers and State of California Master Linguistic teachers.

Tecolote Canyon Natural Park & Nature Center offers its visitors a variety of educational and recreational opportunities. The Canyon has approximately 6.5 miles of trails that can be used for jogging walking and mountain biking. Also available to visitors is the newly constructed Nature Center, which offers a host of exhibits on the animal and plant life of the Canyon. The Nature Center is also available for meetings, workshops, classes and special events. Please contact the Center Director at (858) 581-9959 for more information.