Honoring Mother Earth: Cosoy to Nipaguay


By Roy Cook, AmericanIndianSource.com

Our Native people have been constantly and are still residents of America’s finest city today. Our urban eyes too often focus on the modern and miss out on subtle sights that may be very obvious to Native American traditional powers of observation. Today we have an opportunity to experience insights into entertaining qualities of heritage and culture. Special displays will be on view at the Kumeyay Indian Tribal Exhibit: Honoring Mother Earth. Our Native American Indian Tribal participation will include many individuals who are direct descendents or were former residents of Old Town San Diego/ Cosoy: Jane Dumas, Richard Bugbee, Mara Peters, Abel Silvas, Don Vingneault, and many others.

Visit the Rio Vista Promenade location for the cultural display, songs and stories of many San Diego Kumeyaay Native Americans.

This event is hosted from 10am to 3pm Saturday May 22, 2004 by the San Diego River Park Foundation in partnership with: Corporations, Merchants and San Diego Information Resource Center, Mission Valley library.
Gala gifts, free entertainment, tours and activities, free trolley rides to all seven locations hosting entertainment events.
All San Diego is welcome to this San Diego Riverfest free event. See you there!

Cosoy/Presidio Park 1-3PM
Join a noted archaeologist to explore the archaeological site for the oldest village sites of the Kumeyaay and the first Mission in California .

Mission Valley Preserve 10-12PM
Nature Walk hosted by the Friends of Mission Valley Preserve through this 51 acre City of San Diego Park along the San Diego River .

Concordia Homes Event at office
Contact: The Grove Agency

Mission Valley ‘River Fest'
Free trolley rides in the Mission Valley area will make a total of seven stops along the River, with different events at each stop.

·         Qualcomm Stadium, FREE parking at Qualcomm and take the trolley!

·         The Mission Valley Library 11AM-3PM -Jump Rope Team, Steel Drum Band, Petting Zoo, Ballet Team Crafts

Cosoy, at San Diego.

Nipaguai, on lower San Diego River.

Hasumel, location undetermined.

Paulpa, at the north end of San Diego Bay.

Pu-shuyi, inland east of San Diego.

Hata'am, location uncertain.

Sinyeweche, northeast of San Diego.

Witliinak, on a head branch of San Diego River.

Inyaja, at the headwaters of San Diego River.

Kosmit, at the head of San Diego River.

Sinyau-tehwir, at the head of San Diego River.

Jamacha, on the middle course of Sweetwater River.

Jamul, at the head of Otay River.

Otai, about Otai Mountain.

Meti, location National City.

Guatai, at the head of Cottonwood Creek.

Sycuan, on the middle course of Sweetwater River.

Amai'-tu, at La Posta.

Ewiapai, at Cuyapipa.

Amat-kwk'-ahwat, on the stream above Campo.

Emitl-kwatai, at Campo.

Aha-hakaik, at La Laguna.
Akmukatikatl, inland on San Dieguito River.
Ahta ("cane") or Hapawu, at Carrizo.
Ahwat, in Baja California.
Amotaretuwe, inland between San Diego and Sweetwater Rivers.
Atlkwanen, on the head of San Dieguito River.
Awaskal, location unknown.
Ekwiamak, on the head of Sweetwater River.
Hakum, in or near Jacumba Pass.
Hakutl, south of San Marcos Creek.
Hanwi, location uncertain.
Hapai, south of San Dieguito River.
Hasasei, location uncertain.
Hawai, location uncertain.
Hawi, at Vallecitos.
Inomasi, location uncertain.
Inyahkai, at La Laguna.
Kamachal, location uncertain.
Kohwat, location uncertain.
Kokwitl, location uncertain.
Kwalhwut, location uncertain.
Kulaumai, on the coast near the mouth of San Dieguito River.
Maktati, location uncertain.

Maramoido, location uncertain.
Mat-ahwat-is, location uncertain.
Matamo, location uncertain.
Met-hwai, southwest of San Ysidro Mountain.
Mitltekwanak, on San Felipe Creek and the head of San Dieguito River. Netlmol, location uncertain.
Pamo, between the heads of San Dieguito and San Diego Rivers. 
Pauwai, inland between San Dieguito and San Diego Rivers.
Pokol, location uncertain. 
Setmunumin, southeast of Mesa Grande.
Shana, location uncertain.
Sinyau-pichkara, on the middle course of San Dieguito River.
Suapai, location uncertain.
Tapanke, location uncertain.
Tawi, west of San Ysidro Mountain.
Tlokwih, near North Peak.
Totakamalam, at Point Loma.
Tukumak, at Mesa Grande.
Wemura, location uncertain.

Roy Cook: writer, curator, Opata/Osage-Mazopioye Wichasha