Soaring Eagles Dance Class: Third Time a Charming Time
By Roy Cook

The Indian Education Soaring Eagles Dance Class is high stepping and toe tapping. The Tribal songs have the spectators wiggling in their seats and the children moving in weightless joy. There are many new visitors and families joining this fun American Indian summer activity.




Our good friend Randy Edmonds spoke to the group of what his forty or more years in the Pow wow circle means to him. He related his experiences with the BIA Relocation program in Los Angles and later in San Diego. He emphasized the value and need for aspects of Tribal culture in the urban village. Many came from Tribal reservations and Indian communities. The Pow wow is one way to find those important values and identity as Indian people.

Debbie Razo made some great tasting spaghetti and meat sauce. There was tossed salad and dressing and garlic bread to round out the basic dinner dish. Additionally there were soft drinks and real good coffee made by her dad, Paul Razo. It is a good feeling to see our Indian community step up and volunteer week after week and help out for our Indian children.

The San Diego Inter-Tribal Singers: Richard Decrane, Terry Hinsly, Ben Nance and Roy Cook are very happy to be invited to sing for our Indian Children. This group is also one of the many community volunteers that come together when called upon to help out at American Indian events in San Diego.

Martha and Stan Rodriguez also dropped in to visit old friends and socialize. Both had some trying times recently but they are doing better and are looking forward to the Traditional gathering at Santa Ysabel on August 2, 2008. It is open to the public and everyone is invited to attend.
Our dance instructors called for songs to get the boys and girls up and moving. Important announcements concerning regalia choices and material were brought to the parents' attention. This was one point also mentioned by Randy. " The family gets together and dresses the dancer, then the dancer is brought into the pow wow circle and introduced very often with a give away in respect of the recognition and honor to the family.

We enjoyed the excitement in the Adams Avenue Business Association Community Center, 4649 Hawley Blvd. San Diego CA. Southern California American Indian Resource Center, Inc. (SCAIR) sponsors this class in collaboration with: the San Diego Unified School District Title VII, the Indian Human Resource Center and the San Diego Indian Center.

I know you and your younger relatives are looking forward to attending the Soaring Eagles Dance Class free classes: Adams Avenue Business Association Community Center, 4649 Hawley Blvd. San Diego CA. They are coordinated by San Diego City School Indian Education Program (858) 627-7362 and the Indian Human Resource Center (619) 281-5964. (Thanks to Karin Decrane for picking these images of the Soaring Eagle dance class.)