Jump Start Indian Education

By Roy Cook

This year the SCAIR FUNDED San Diego Unified School District, SDUSD, Indian Education program JUMP START is on September 3, 2008.

SDUSD Title VII Indian Ed. will be able to provide new school supplies and backpacks for the American Indian students attending San Diego public schools.

Each year this, non-federal or district funded, service has required creative partnerships and favors from unpredictable sources. The Indian Education program will continue to serve, as it has served hundreds if not thousands of students. Dozens of students and community members have been employed as tutors or aides. Our entire San Diego community has enjoyed the events and services offered.

Title VII Indian Education along with the support from Southern California American Indian Resource Center Inc. SCAIR, our community partner, will ensure that American Indian Children are prepared for the upcoming school year. JUMP START will be held at the Normal Heights Community Center location: 4649 Hawley Blvd. SD, CA from 6pm to 8:30pm.

Let's help get the next school year off to a great start and make our Indian children feel as special as they are!