Soaring Eagles Dance Class Flying High
By Roy Cook

Tonight, 8/20/08, Carla Tourville was ready to sew and answer questions regarding the design and detailed instruction for successful regalia construction. Last Saturday many of the remaining parents met with Vickie Gambala at the fabric store and selected material for the dancers regalia.

Debbie Razo brought in some great tasting nachos and beans with all the trimmings. Plenty of punch and pastries, One of the children's Mother brought in a birthday cake for all to enjoy and sing Happy Birthday loudly!
Additionally there was real good coffee made by Debbie's dad, Paul Razo.

Ms Vickie Gambala, San Diego Unified School District Title VII Indian Education, had posters of past events and of the upcoming Jump Start school supplies night, Sept 3, 2008, at the same location of the Soaring Eagles Dance Class.

She also had confirmed news that the Soaring Eagles Dance Class has been refunded from September 10, to November 19, 2008 by the Southern California American Indian Resource Center, Inc. (SCAIR) and the San Diego Indian Center.

Tonight Indian music was distributed to selected families. The San Diego Inter-Tribal Singers produced 16 CD copies of songs appropriate to the specific interests of the students of the Soaring Eagle classes. The San Diego Inter-Tribal Singers also provided our dance instructors with DVD copies of popular dance styles and explanations for study at home. Until then we will look for you all on Wednesday night 6pm from September 10, to November 19, 2008 at the Soaring Eagles Dance Class, Normal Heights Community Center, 4649 Hawley Blvd. San Diego, CA.

Finally, this was our last evening of the summer and the young eagles are taking wing. Soon they will be soaring high and far. We all take pride in their accomplishments. After all they are our future as Indian culture that defines us as Indian people.