Terrific Turnout for Soaring Eagles Dance Class

By Roy Cook

The Indian Education Soaring Eagles Dance Class sponsored by Southern California American Indian Resource Center, Inc. (SCAIR) in collaboration with the San Diego Unified School District Title VII and the Indian Human Resource Center is off on the right foot. The American Indian parents, children, instructors, visitors, Inter-Tribal Singers and food were all on the 6 pm clock-time or early this past Wednesday, July 16, 2008.

The Indian Education parent committee directs the planning for this summer activity. They requested the American Indian Dance instruction activity for the Indian children. The Soaring Eagles Dance Class advance publicity has generated wider interest and has drawn in other parents and their children that previously were not attending the Indian Education programs. All the hallmarks of success, participation and enjoyment are evident throughout the evening.

Experienced Championship Pow wow dancers: Michael Cadotte, Jeanette Van Dyke and Eileen George and her daughter, Billie are all in street clothes, eager and encouraging for this first exposure to American Indian dance and music. Forty or more bright little faces are turned toward the instructors. Some are shy, some are eager, some want and do run back to mama but all are encouraged to dance and be part of the Soaring Eagles Dance Class traditional circle of life.

The San Diego Inter-tribal singers are able to greet past singers: Terry Hinsley, Ben Nance, Richard Decrane, Roy Cook and Tyler. "We welcome any new faces to the drum." Roy Cook told the group. Appropriate songs are sung to the benefit of the dancers and the requests of the dance instructors. Ben Nance said "It is a very nice experience to be at the drum again for the benefit of the American Indian children."


Grass dance, shawl dance, round dance, crow hop, more shawl dance, women traditional, more round dance and fun specialty songs are sung for the entertainment and instruction of the Soaring Eagles Dance Class dancers. Some are shy and reluctant but by the ending of the song, many are dancing! Wow, participation, that is the true measure of success. Everyone knows it is not easy but it is worth doing well and the satisfaction is in the achievement.

Soaring Eagles Dance Class is at the same location and in addition to the American Indian Dance and regalia instruction there is a tutoring and summer reading program. Books are provided by the program to be checked out and reviews or stories to be submitted during the summer.

Maybe we will see you and your younger relatives at these Soaring Eagles Dance Class free classes: Adams Avenue Business Association Community Center, 4649 Hawley Blvd. San Diego CA. They are coordinated by San Diego City School Indian Education Program (858) 627-7362 & Indian Human Resource Center (619) 281-5964.