The air is crisp and a soft is moist on the Earth.
This November day, this time, this land,
this season is the season for the earth to rest.

On Montezuma Mesa the Friday morning is charged with activity; Students everywhere, students from everywhere. It is very reassuring to trust again and again in the hopes and potential of our greatest Native resources, our youth. What greater resources do we
have other than our Indian children and young adults. They will follow the opportunities and challenges of the future. The choices that are presented to them are up to us. These are our responsibilities. Sitting here in Montezuma Hall I think back over the last 30
years of campus life with San Diego State College.. well now University, I guess that's really showing my age!
College Day, Motivation Day, Empowerment Day it matters little what we label it. This
is the time to inspire students and share our hopes to the education mission we have been
a part of on this campus. From high schools middle schools, and even elementary level. You know it's getting harder to tell students age--they all look so young! I guess that
also is a sign of my times.
Students from North County; Fallbrook, Escondido and East County, Alpine, El Cajon, Mountain Empire and the different urban regions of San Diego. Wow, it is so wonderful
to see so many smiling faces! They have set aside the lollipops of Halloween for a sip
and jolt from the caffeine cup of knowledge and education. This Empowerment Day is
on the heels of the San Diego Region wide cultural expression in Golden Hall -
San Diego, November 4, 1999, when 4th and 5th graders were hosted by City Schools Superintendent Bernstein and Police Chief Bejarano at the annual. Ninas De Aztlan event.
There were over 70 young ladies of verifiable Tribal affiliations in attendance. Vicki Gambala, Title Indian Education, working through Irma Castro, LLAMA Advocacy Program, coordinated this year efforts Thus, the Indian Education Program together
with the LLAMA Advocacy Program of the Auntie Role Model Project. The idea is to
recruit from our own communities, Indian women who will act as mentors and guides as well as be in direct contact with Indian students in schools.
Running Grunion, Abel Silvas held the young, and not so young, audience spellbound
with his stories of California Coastal Tribal ways. At San Diego State there were many stimulating workshops on leadership, Culture ways and alternatives to the education process. Key note Speaker Jill Sherman related significant events of her life and once again was very stimulating to the audience.
I would be remiss not to mention the; OJ, Java, donuts and crullers. The lunch was predetermined by the students: Pizza, salad and soft drinks. A great day! Happy to be
in the midst of our future.
Essay writers and workshop speakers were recognized with gifts of N.A.I.S.A.,
Native American Indian Student Association.
Finally, following the excellent lunch and entertainment by the Seventh Generation Singers, the students and group leaders started forming up for the campus tours. All in all...
a great, beautiful day!

* Submitted by: Roy Cook