Soaring Eagles Indian Children Stretch Their Wings
By Roy Cook

At the Wednesday October 22, 2008 evening session there is a wonderful excitement and enthusiasm in this Santa Ana evening. There is also a great turnout of children and community members, volunteers and observers. We are touching the life of each child that is attending the Soaring Eagles Dance and Regalia classes.

This is a wonderful opportunity to fulfill those youthful promises, remember when you said, "I want to help my Indian people." There is also a bonding, a sense of Indian community. There are positive aspects of tribalism, Indian culture, song, laughter and just plain good fun. Randy Edmonds, SCAIR Senior advisor is a regular participant at Indian doings. Randy led the blessing and was first in the line for those Indian bow-wow tacos, chilidogs! Debbie Razo came up with a real favorite for all to enjoy this warm evening.

Randy also spoke to the protocol and aspects of dancers' responsibility in the pow wow. Many are looking forward to the Veterans Honoring Dance at Viejas Reservation on November 8 - 9, 2008.

The San Diego Inter-Tribal Singers: Richard Decrane, Terry Hinsley, Alex Gastelum, Ben Nance, Ernie Walton and Roy Cook, SCAIR contract writer. All volunteers, unpaid but greatly appreciated, for the Indian children - our future.

We have many community members Indian and non-Indian that bring their heart and skill for the benefit of our Indian children. For the children, think about that and what can be accomplished. Again, thanks to all those that make the big difference for the, SCAIR sponsored, Soaring Eagles Dance night.

All are invited to attend these last two weeks of the Soaring Eagles practices and PARTICIPATE. Normal Heights Community Center at 4649 Hawley Blvd. San Diego CA 619-281-5964. Free to the public but it is a POT LUCK so bring something good to share next week.
Thank you, Aho, Mehan.