Soaring Eagles at Student Conference
By Roy Cook

The Soaring Eagles were invited to be a part of the Sunday evening entertainment at the San Diego Native Youth Wellness Conference, 'Its Your Life, Live It Safe'. There were lots of good workshops, tons of snacks and very good eats! Most were pleased with the event and appreciated the opportunity for our Indian children to dance in front of the public before the November Veterans Pow wow.

Parents' active involvement will make the difference in this second half of the Soaring Eagle dance program. Our friend, Randy Edmonds is called upon to address the entire group with the blessing for the feast. He informed us as how the traditional tribal gatherings are occasions for spirituality and sociability. Also, that now, in the urban environment, those public gatherings are part of the drum and the pow wow circle. He has this ability to convey sincerity and tradition in a few well-chosen words that echo voices of past wisdom and tribal ways.

Vickie Gambala still needs to see the continued progress of the regalia. Some parents brought in the outfits for her to look over, advise and encourage all to get going purposefully (three weeks!). We had three more sewing machines: Latisha Price, Eileen George, and Sylvia Mejia. They were there this evening if any parent needed help with the sewing. Parents and Students need to participate actively to make a difference in this second half of the program.

We are pleased to see new visitors to the second half of the Soaring Eagles Dance class: Phillip Himel was a fancy dance instructor for the Title VII program in the 1970's. He goes up from the drum and kicked up a few of his moves on the dance floor. Not bad for a fellow who is 51 and still pow wow happy. Also, the American Indian Warriors and their families came in after their monthly meeting. All are welcome to attend these, free for the community, dance classes.

Finally, there are some good eats at the feast prepared by Debbie Razo again: Homemade potato salad, fried chicken, corn chips and pretzels, cookies along with iced tea and punch was just perfect on this Indian summer night. Hot and humid just like back home when we used to go outside after supper and enjoy the coolness of the evening.

The well attended and appreciated Soaring Eagle program has continued support from the Southern California American Indian Resource Center, Inc. (SCAIR) and the San Diego Indian Center. We will look for you all on Wednesday night 6 to 8:30 pm from September 10, to November 19, 2008 at the Soaring Eagles Dance Class, Normal Heights Community Center, 4649 Hawley Blvd. San Diego, CA.