Soaring Eagles Volunteers
Make it Real - Make it Good

By Roy Cook

Well, let me tell you how great the Wednesday October 15, 2008 evening is. There is a great turnout of children and community members, volunteers and observers. We have many community members Indian and non-Indian that brings their heart and skill for the benefit of our Indian children. Juan Castellanos, IHRC Executive Director, set up the sound system with Dwight Lomayesvas help. Dwight, Executive Director of the American Indian Recruitment, AIR program, came in to announce that the services are in place and the program is started at SDSU and USD.

There is a great response to the excellent description of the pow wow protocol and tradition by our Master of Ceremony, Randy Edmonds, SCAIR Senior Advisor. Richard Parker volunteered to be the Arena Director for the mock pow wow. Chuck Caddote and Tina Morales encouraged the dancers and showed them by example. Eileen George and Vera Tucker stepped in to guide the dancers in the grand entry. It was the real deal for the first time for many of our young dancers.

American Indian Warriors member Joaquin Sandoval brought in the American flag in representation of the Honor Guard. Randy Edmonds provided the blessing and called on the San Diego Inter-Tribal Singers: Richard Decrane, Frank Gastelum, Ben Nance and Roy Cook, SCAIR contract writer, to sing the appropriate Flag song and Victory song. All volunteers, unpaid but greatly appreciated, for the Indian children - our future.

For the children, think about that and what can be accomplished and what might happen if someone is irresponsible. We are touching the life of each child that is attending the Soaring Eagles Dance and Regalia classes. This is a wonderful opportunity. There is also an emergent sense of Indian community. There are aspects of tribalism, Indian culture, song, laughter and, in the mix, critics too. More parents need to be respectfully watchful of all the children. Some are too timid and fearful of what someone might say if we correct another persons' child. Some, I am sorry to say, seem to just not care to monitor or mentor until something dramatic occurs and then everyone wants to know who to blame. We are all responsible to keep our children safe.

Real good eats too! Debbie Razo prepared and set out the pot luck offerings: Spaghetti, tossed salad, macaroni salad, fresh green beans in a yummy sauce, chilaquilas, punch and hot coffee mmm, Later there is a birthday cake for Melissa Aleman and another cake brought in by El Bisarra, from the AI Health clinic, in appreciation of the Soaring Eagles participation at the Student Wellness Conference a while back.

We sang a bunch of good songs and the dancers, most of them, gave it their all and danced to the best of their abilities. We ended the evening with the very popular snake and buffalo dances, Again, thanks to all the great volunteers that make the big difference for the, SCAIR sponsored, Soaring Eagles Dance night.
All are invited to attend and PARTICIPATE. Normal Heights Community Center at 4649 Hawley Blvd. San Diego CA 619-281-5964. Free to the public but it is a POT LUCK so bring something good to share.
Thank you, Aho, Mehan.