Title IX Pow wow 2001
This is the ninth year that the Indian Education Title IX program is honoring a Kumeyaay elder. In the past the Title IX coordinator, Vickey Gambala, has sought out the council of this year's honoree. We are delighted with the selection of Jane Dumas. Jane is committed to the success of the Title IX program. She continues to demonstrate her commitment again and again. She participates in many of the activities that offer avenues to tribal traditional ways. She is a very traditional tribal women. She is an outstanding representative of the ongoing drama of tribal Americans in a complex urban context. She has endured for many decades.

Jane Dumas is a lineal descendent of the last Chief, Manuel Hatam. He was the well recognized leader of the Tribal people living on this Balboa Park location. For thousands and thousands of years Kumeyaay people lived all over this coastal area ie. Florida canyon, Indian point, and Chollas Creek. We might ask ourselves, where are they today? The answer is, Right Here! That is correct! There are hundreds of tribal people still living near to their original locations. Many more have been scattered by events: historical, political or military. Too often sickness and the pressures of modern life have taken the greater toll on the local Kumeyaay populations.
We all hope, in a small way, our selection of this lady will encourage our non tribal institutions and residents to recognize the awesome legacy we all owe the original stewards of this land; the Kumeyaay.



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The Kumeyaay People and their History in San Diego

Manuel Hatam and the Balboa Park

This is a view of the Indian Human Resource Center, IHRC, sponsored Culture Days Pow Wow Honoring Dance. IHRC board chairman, Joe Renteria and the Arena Director Ral Christman lead in the IHRC employees: Vickey Koteen and June Hudson. They are followed by the rest of the dancers.
The day presented a positive message. Visible here as the wind unfurled the flag we read,"Not Forgotten," underscoring the cultural drama of the people coming together in a traditional way to have a good time. Standing are Jane Dumas and the beautiful Lorraine Swenson. Lorraine is a former Title IX princess. The San Diego Indian community is very proud of this young lady for her commitment, to serve our country, in the U.S. Navy.

Enthusiastically Jane Dumas and her family presented a handmade Kumeyaay pottery olla to the Title IX organizer and staff person, Vickey Gambala. Vickey Gambala produced the luncheon tribute and selected Jane Dumas to be this year's Pow Wow honoree. Also in the picture are Lorraine and Jane's daughter Dee.

These four ladies are the pictures of elegance, beauty, and tradition. Anna Sandoval, Jane Dumas, Virginia Christman, Gloria Castanada were seated center stage. We are proud to acknowledge these ladies' many achievements with respect and dignity. Their presence and support is always well received.
Thank you all!

Roy Cook - Editor * Webmaster - Ben Nance * americanindiansource.com