Police Chief William Lansdowne is Council speaker
By Roy Cook

Chief of San Diego Police William Lansdowne is noon guest speaker at Friday, January 23,2004 meeting of the Council of American Indian Organizations of San Diego County. Officer Ralph Cummings, Comanche, hosted the Networking gathering.

Chief Lansdowne reviewed his background and enthusiasm for America's finest city. He has been representing the peace officers at many state and national meetings. He presented new statistics on the effort to maintain public safety. In a question and answer session he fielded underlying concerns and was receptive to new approaches to the police departments efforts.

Vicky Gambala, Wanda Cook and Roy Cook presented the Chief of Police with traditional honor and recognition: A turn of the century photo of the Kumeyaay leader, Juan Gonzales and the first official law enforcement officials. Also a beautiful Pendleton storyteller wool blanket was placed over his shoulders. Traditionally this makes him part of the Intertribal Council group. John Hood, Navaho, in jovial humor said, "You are now a chief. "

Henry Mendibles, San Diego Senior Park Ranger, was in uniform in support of the community efforts to improve better communication and networking. There is a fine healthy luncheon buffet organized by Wanda Cook, Mohawk Haudeshaunee. Esther Abrahano, Choctaw president of the TONKAWA seniors club graciously led the blessing for the group and over the food.

Presented to San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne
Council of American Indian Organizations of San Diego County.
In recognition of Tribal custom and Tradition.
San Diego's First Americans maintained the peace for thousands of years. In this view Police 'Chief', Chief Juan Gonzales of the Kumeyaay Florida canyon community is documented with the New Town San Diego Police officials. Featured in many articles in the San Diego Union the non-Indian population recalls his tenure, style, oratory and personal dress with warm reminiscences. Often described as a model Chief/ Capitan/ Kuchutt, he earned the respect of both non-Indian and tribal residents. Capitan Gonzales and his spouse Ysabel resided at the Balboa Park Florida canyon village until his death.

All had a fine time; maybe we will see you at the next meeting of the Council of American Indian Organizations of San Diego County.

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All Photos by Ben Nance: WebMaster